Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great Article on the Community of Food

Michael Pollan is one of my favorite authors.  I wrote about a few of his books in this post on health and Permaculture.  The following article was printed in the New York Times Magazine in the Fall of last year.  The food and mood written about in this article is a part of what draws me to the idea that rebuilding Community is so important.

Michael Pollan

HERE’S THE CONCEIT: Build a single wood fire and, over the course of 30-plus hours, use it to roast, braise, bake, simmer and grill as many different dishes as possible — for lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch again. The main ingredients: one whole goat from the McCormack Ranch in Rio Vista, Calif.; several crates of seasonal produce (and a case of olive oil) from Hudson Ranch in Napa; a basket of morels and porcini gathered near Mount Shasta; an assortment of spices from Boulettes Larder in San Francisco; and a couple of cases of wine from Kermit Lynch in Berkeley. The setting: a shady backyard in Napa (but picture suburban subdivision, not vineyard estate), where a big country table stretches out beneath the canopy of a mulberry tree...

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