Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wine Cellars

Here is a quick post that give some examples of wine cellars.  I hope to have one some day.  Since I plan on making my own wine, I'll need a place to store it while it matures.  A cool dark place will be great for lagering beer as well.  In reality, I'll probably just wall up a small corner of a basement, but these photos are great inspiration:

A couple of photos of a really cool Trapdoor Wine Cellar

A more practical/less ornate storage for maturing wines.

A very simple storage area.

A classy, but fairly simple wine cellar.  
Could be a converted bathroom or the corner of a basement.

A pretty elaborate wine cellar.



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  1. Hi John: Congratulations on your idea of making your own wine. I'm a boring 70 y. o. brazilian guy and I like wine specially red wine. I expect to be invited to drink your wine , oh oh oh...