Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The BioLite Stove... Electrical Energy from Wood Burning

Thanks to my friend Shane for the tip on this product.  BioLite has a new product that uses twigs or other small flammable material to create heat for cooking and electrical energy for charging USB-adaptor-charged devices... like phones, GPS, Kindle, Ipods, etc.

I love to apply Permaculture concepts to anything that I can, and this is no different. Permaculture Principle Six states "Produce No Waste". Outdoor stoves are notorious for "wasting" a lot of energy by releasing heat into the environment. The BioLite stove captures some of that heat and converts it into a usable form of energy.

I don't know if I will be purchasing this specific product, but it is making my mind race with ideas... Can we adapt this technology to home use wood stoves or even fireplaces? Can we attach sort of trickle charger that will charge larger capacity batteries?

I love the idea behind this product. I will be watching this technology closely and will post if any new developments arise.

The BioLite stove is no larger than a Nalgene water bottle.


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  2. wow..... This product has been something new... wood stove to usb charger???? Checking for this biolite thing.... thanks for sharing....

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